Monday, April 26, 2010

underground is a bi -weekly vegetarian supper club in our home, in the High River area

Our creative vegetarian fare is made from scratch, and with love. Underground is a place of community.
Come to our home to enjoy a 3 course vegetarian menu in our funky, casual basement setting. 
We bring together like minded people to enjoy fresh and  innovative foods. If you are not a vegetarian food lover then this might be the time you change your mind.
So come join us on a culinary adventure! 
Our mission is to create an atmosphere of community and good friendship  for people that love to eat, drink and have fun.
For details, please call 403-652-5184


  1. Awesome idea, Doug and Paula. Wish we could be there to join in the fine food and company. Best wishes for many happy suppers!

  2. oh I love foodies! I never knew! On that note.. I roasted beets today and a head of garlic..
    After they chilled the beets went over salad green.
    The garlic was put into a vinaigrette, 1/3 each of balsamic, olive, canola with mustard, Worcestershire sauce etc. with some Parmesan.
    The vinaigrette was poured over the salad, a bit more Parmesan and then topped off with hot roasted walnut that were grilled with fine shopped onions..

    Can't come to dinner any time soon but maybe we can share our passion another way. I still hate cooking small, I still miss a full dining room and so I cook alot, eat with lots of friends alot and it is such a joy! (Sunday night we made home made pizza and all the teenagers kicked in)
    I hope you've had a chance to read Eat, Love, Pray as well and were inspired by the endive! Love you guys! Have a great dinner party!

  3. thanks goatgirl and Anyssa!! What wicked dinners we have prepared in the past (both together & separately!!) We all had similar training and the result is we LOVE to be creative with our food. Anyssa, your beet and garlic salad makes me drool!