Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Menu for May 29, 2010

• Greek Red Lentil Soup
with lemon, rosemary & feta cheese

• Basket of Doug's assorted breads & buns

• Barley & Mushroom Risotto

• Roast Nut Loaf with Miso Gravy

• Squash & Pesto Bites

• Peanut Butter Squares

Monday, April 26, 2010

underground is a bi -weekly vegetarian supper club in our home, in the High River area

Our creative vegetarian fare is made from scratch, and with love. Underground is a place of community.
Come to our home to enjoy a 3 course vegetarian menu in our funky, casual basement setting. 
We bring together like minded people to enjoy fresh and  innovative foods. If you are not a vegetarian food lover then this might be the time you change your mind.
So come join us on a culinary adventure! 
Our mission is to create an atmosphere of community and good friendship  for people that love to eat, drink and have fun.
For details, please call 403-652-5184