Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alberta Health Services has unequivocally shut down the operation of Underground Supper Club. 

Underground Supper Club HAS BEEN A HUGE SUCCESS. A strong and vibrant community has been born and true magic has been created. This "tribe" has been your creation as well as ours. We've done it together.

Our  passion about Underground is the tangible feeling of family, community  - we love the magic that is created, the camaraderie and friendship.

It is our view that in this hectic world, it is important to discover oneself amid a caring environment. (it takes a village to raise a child………..) "Breaking bread" with others offers an opportunity to relax and remember what is important. Underground served that purpose, and more.

We're not upset about this outworking by Alberta Health Services, instead, we wish to embrace whatever the next step is. We're certain that "opening a restaurant" is not necessarily the right option. So - we are open to your ideas, brainstorming, and thinking outside of any box. Please let us know your ideas.

We cherish each and every one of you. Beyond words.